Herzog & Company

Location: North Hollywood, CA

Founded: 1992

Website: http://www.herzogcompany.com

Herzog & Company, also known as Herzog-Cowen Entertainment, was formed through the partnership of director-producers Mark Herzog and Mark Cowen. The creative studio specializes in marketing content, EPKs, and creative programming for film and television properties.

Notable Products

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End  theatrical website 
  • Star Trek Phaser iPhone app 
  • The Tale of Despereaux theatrical trailer 
  • The Right Stuff pilot for TNT 
  • Yes Man “making of” documentary for HBO 
  • A Note of Triumph: The Golden Age of Norman Corwin


What to Expect

The studio is divided into three segments: original content, creative content, and interactive content. It caters to the film and television industry to produce original documentary films and television series, behind-the-scenes and “making of” content, DVD features, theatrical trailers, and web content. The company offers an extensive range of production personnel and equipment, as well as post-production facilities and multimedia design capabilities. As a highly diverse enterprise, Herzog & Company employs staff in a wide range of specialties, including camera operators, videographers, production sound mixers, editors, visual effects artists, graphic designers, web developers, producers, sound designers. Entry-level positions are available for media loggers and tape vault assistants.

Field production crews are contracted based on the needs of the client for anything from an IMAX feature film to one-camera shoots, and thus must be capable of adapting to multiple formats. In-house camera packages include the RED ONE 4k, Sony HDCAM F900R, Panasonic HDX900, ICONIX HD Lipstick with Elite HD FFV Recorder, and VIO POV 1. Post-production facilities include a Final Cut online and offline editing suite, three Avid Symphony Nitirs HD finishing suites, two Pro Tools audio suites, and 20 Avid Media Composer offline suites. The company is capable of in-house sound services for ADR, Foley recording, and 5.1 mixing.


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