Id Software

Location: Mesquite, TX

Founded: 1991


The video game developer and technology innovator was founded in 1991, and is credited with the inventing the first person shooter genre with the shareware PC game Wolfenstein 3D. In 2007 the company won two Emmy Awards, for breakthroughs in rendering technology on Doom and Quake.

Notable Products

  • Rage
  • Quake
  • Enemy Territory
  • Doom


What to Expect

Id Software is completely convinced it is “the coolest game shop in the world.” Certainly the studio has an impressive résumé of awards and accolades to prop up that considerable ego. Yet what truly sets this game developer apart from the competition is its independent spirit and against-the-grain business model. With the release of Doom in 1994, Id embraced shareware Internet distribution and made open source code available to mod communities. Fans were free to customize and create their own unique levels. In fact, many of the company’s programmers and designers were picked out of online forums due to their stellar modifications.

The studio employs less than 200 people in its Dallas-area office; it houses teams for art, animation, programming, IT, and quality assurance. If you’re looking for an entry-level position, consider the IT helpdesk. You’ll need an extensive knowledge of hardware and applications like Maya, 3D Studio Max, and Modo, but this job will have you working closely in support of the software development teams—close enough to impress senior staff with your dedication and talent. Roles like character artist, AI programmer, and level designer require at least a bachelor’s degree and two years of experience on shipped titles. If you hope to apply to this leading-edge developer, you’ll need to educate yourself about its products. Hiring managers look most favorably on someone who has played the games, knows the ins and outs of the available open source code, and can demonstrate how his or her work will help Id further push the barriers of gaming innovation.



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