Limelight Productions, Inc.

Location: Lee, MA

Founded: 1972


Founded by William Beautyman in 1972, Limelight Productions supplies production equipment and installation services for the entertainment industry.

Notable Products

  • Rigging installation
  • Event services
  • Stage curtains
  • Production/Scenic supplies
  • Lighting/Effects equipment

What to Expect

Limelight Productions is headquartered in Lee, Mass., and caters to clients in theatrical production, film, television, and live events. Projects have included work for Harvard University and Rumsey Hall, as well as DreamWorks, HBO, ABC News, and Discovery Channel. Limelight Productions offers services ranging from theatrical lighting sales and rentals to equipment for studio and location filming. Specific services and products include grip gear, scenic supplies and expendables, rigging installation, and custom solutions for weddings, private parties, corporate events, and convention exhibits. The company is an authorized reseller for brands like ETC, Altman, and Arri, and is a manufacturer-certified repair provider. Limelight operates a second facility in Florida dedicated to stage curtain fabrication.

For applicants with experience in theatrical and film or television production, numerous career opportunities exist within Limelight Productions. Particular consideration is given to those with knowledge of conventional and intelligent lighting fixtures, automated rigging systems, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. Familiarity with programs like Auto CAD and Vectorworks is valuable and should be detailed in your résumé. Work history as a theatrical lighting technician, grip, rigger, or electrician is preferable, but opportunities exist for those with specific skills related to scenic art, automation, lighting console programming, and special effects. Additionally, the stage curtain fabrication facility accepts applications from those with sewing experience; this can include work in costuming or clothing manufacturing. Internships are occasionally available, and entry-level roles exist for warehouse staff. Candidates should anticipate some required travel when inquiring about positions relating to theatrical and event installations. Specific information regarding job vacancies can be obtained by contacting Limelight Productions’ human resources department.


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