Mole-Richardson Co.

Location: Hollywood, CA

Founded: 1927


Italian immigrant Peter Mole and his partners, Elmer Richardson and Fielding Coates, founded Mole-Richardson in 1927 to pursue new techniques and technology in production lighting. One year later, the company introduced its first line of incandescent lighting instruments; the “Inkie” quickly became the preferred choice among cinematographers. 

Notable Products

  • Film and television lighting equipment
  • Grip equipment
  • Power distribution products
  • Equipment rental and sales
  • Manufacturing of proprietary lighting


What to Expect

Since the company’s inception, Mole-Richardson Co. has been at the forefront of technological advancements in the field of film and television lighting. Seven Academy Awards (in the scientific and technical achievement category) have been granted to Peter Mole and his company and in recognition of valuable service to the motion picture industry. That is a hefty reputation to live up to. Today, Mole-Richardson is run by two of Peter Mole’s grandchildren, and it is still one of the largest suppliers of grip and lighting equipment for film and television production.

Located in Hollywood, the company occupies a full block at North Sycamore and North La Brea avenues. The facilities include a machine shop with computer-guided metal presses for the manufacturing of the Mole-Richardson line of luminaries, an art department with a digital photo studio and print shop, an administration facility, and a large warehouse. Among the employment opportunities available at Mole-Richardson are positions as customer service representatives, administrative personnel, warehouse staff, electrical engineers, lighting technicians, grips, and mechanical engineers. Entry-level positions exist for assemblers in the manufacturing department. Candidates seeking jobs in the manufacturing, engineering, and warehouse divisions of the company must have a thorough knowledge of film and television lighting and grip equipment, be familiar with the Mole-Richardson line of products, and have a firm grasp of electrical and mechanical principles. You should understand electrical diagrams and be able to explain the difference between an HMI lamp and an incandescent. Interviews for technical roles will include questions regarding your knowledge of equipment and its use, so be prepared to be quizzed.

Entry-level positions demand at least three years of experience or relevant education in mechanical or electrical engineering or assembly, and proficiency with standard shop tools. Familiarity with advanced machinery is beneficial. Mid-level and senior roles require at least five years of professional experience, and a background in production is highly valuable. As Peter Mole was a former General Electric employee, many who work at Mole-Richardson are recruited from the commercial electrical engineering and manufacturing industry.


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