Music Networx

Location: Cologne, Germany

Founded: 2006


The German company was determined to defy the naysayers when it opened in 2006. Told it was impossible to deliver on their promise to find new ways for artists to monetize their music, the company launched the Simfy platform in 2009 and today offers more than 6.2 million tracks online to an audience of 8 million.

Notable Products

  • Music streaming via and
  • USB concert recordings via Simfy LiveBox
  • Branded entertainment marketing

What to Expect

Music Networx employs a permanent staff of approximately 50 people, with satellite offices in London, Los Angeles, and New York. The company employs in the areas of marketing, advertising, product management, and sound engineering, among others. Key to the tech start-up’s identity is the energy and passion of a young staff; Music Networx values employees whose skills and talent are matched by their creative thinking, resourcefulness and trail-blazing spirit.

Around the office the atmosphere is casual; buttoned-up suits do not fit in with the company’s fun-loving, innovative vibe. Across the board you can expect a “flat” hierarchy, awarding a high level of responsibility to every individual. Simplicity is the mantra—no red tape or waiting for decisions to filter through a lengthy chain of command. Specific perks can vary by position, but most employees are granted their choice of mobile phone and computer system on the company’s dime. At the Cologne headquarters, an Italian chef visits twice per week to prepare lunch for the office.

Software engineers build and maintain the Simfy platform for delivering streaming music and other related content. Those interested in submitting an application for these division must demonstrate knowledge of development and testing environments (SCRUM); proficiency with PHP, Python, or PERL languages; and MySQL and HTML programming. Additionally, as Music Networx conducts business across Germany, the U.K., and North America, engineers are expected to exhibit good communication skills and fluency in both German and English. 


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