Location: New York, NY

Founded: 2004

Website: http://www.nbcuni.com/

The merger of two giants in the entertainment media industry gave birth in 2004 to the enterprise known as NBCUniversal. Under the new banner, the company owns and operates numerous television networks, motion picture companies, theme parks, and other media properties. Comcast purchased a majority interest in NBCUniversal in 2011.

Notable Products

  • Broadcast television
  • Cable television
  • Digital media
  • Film production and distribution
  • Theme parks and resorts

What to Expect

NBCUniversal was formed in 2004, but the lineage of both companies, the National Broadcasting Company and Universal Pictures, reaches back to the early 20th Century. Carl Laemmle opened the gates to Universal City Studios in Universal City, California in 1915. The studio compound was the first to be built for the sole purpose of filmmaking and remains as one of the largest working production and post-production facilities in the world. The studio complex consists of 30 exterior locations on the backlot, and 30 sound stages and interior settings. Today, Universal City Studios is home to dozens of feature films, television shows, and live events each year.

NBC broadcasted its first radio transmission in 1926, followed by the first demonstration of television in 1939. That same year, NBC aired the first major league baseball and football telecasts. Since 1933, NBC has been headquartered at 30 Rockefeller Center inside the General Electric building in New York. From the Manhattan studios, the network produces shows like Saturday Night Live, Today, Dateline NBC, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

NBCUniversal primarily operates within the industries of film and television; with NBC broadcast television and Universal Pictures at the core of the company’s identity. In addition, the corporation controls several cable networks, including USA Network, Bravo Media, E!, MSNBC, CNBC, among others. Focus Features is an indie-style film enterprise that was founded with the mission of making “original and daring films that challenge the mainstream to embrace and enjoy voices and visions from around the world.” To that end, Focus Features (North America) and Focus Features International have released dozens of critical and commercial successes, such as Brokeback Mountain, Coraline, The Kids Are All Right, Milk, Hot Fuzz, Lost in Translation, Shaun Of The Dead. NBCUniversal also owns and operates the Universal parks and resorts, consisting of Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in Orlando, and parks in Singapore and Japan.

For college students and those for whom it is still early in their careers, NBCUniversal offers several career development and internship opportunities. The early career and leadership program roster includes 13 specialized mentorships that include the entertainment associate program, news associate program, Writers on the Verge, and production apprenticeships. Internships for college students exist within nearly every segment of the NBCUniversal’s operations, including Universal Pictures, NBC News, local affiliate television stations, and cable networks. Those interested in applying can find information pertaining to the application process through the company’s official website within the career section. Internships and apprenticeship programs are highly competitive and have limited availability during enrollment periods. Qualifications and prerequisites will vary depending on the area of specialty.

Regular employment opportunities can be found on NBCUniversal’s official website. The career section lists vacant positions throughout all of the company’s divisions, but does not include freelance roles for production crew on television shows and feature films. Professionals seeking crew positions, like camera and lighting, must contact the production office of the particular project.


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