Picture Car Warehouse

Location: Northridge, CA

Founded: 2003

Website: http://www.picturecarwarehouse.net/

Ted Moser, the founder of Picture Car Warehouse, has been in the picture car business since the early ’90s. After wrapping on 2 Fast 2 Furious, he opened his own shop in California. To date, PCW has an inventory of more than 700 vehicles, including rare classic muscle cars, vintage Fords, emergency vehicles, and custom-built rides.

Notable Products

  • Picture car rentals
  • Studio equipment rentals
  • Transport services
  • Graphics
  • Car prep for stunts
  • Custom fabrication


What to Expect

As one of the busiest shops in the business, PCW has a long list of credits, including work on Mad Men, Twilight, Little Miss Sunshine, Super 8, The Town, Dexter, and the XXX films. In addition, the company has delivered vehicles for music videos, commercials, and corporate promotion campaigns.

In 2010, Picture Car Warehouse moved out to the Valley and set up shop in the old Rydell Chevrolet dealership. The new digs now offer expanded facilities for the full breadth of Picture Car Warehouse’s services, which include an automotive glass department, paint and bodywork, upholstery, and a mechanical department. If a director or producer cannot find the car they need on the lot, the crew of skilled specialists can build any custom machine from the ground up. Supporting the staff of artists and technicians, PCW also employs professionals in marketing, project management, accounting, and public relations. Even in the office, away from the grease and fiberglass, the dress code is casual.

Internships do become available periodically, including those for individuals interested in marketing and PR. Applicants must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at a college or university, and must demonstrate a genuine enthusiasm for cars and the film and television industry. Most internship positions are held during the summer and are offered on a limited basis, according to the needs of shop. For permanent employment as a mechanic, artist, or other technician, an academic degree is not required. However, specialized training in your craft, production experience, and an impressive portfolio of completed work is necessary.


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