PSAV Presentation Services

Location: Long Beach, CA

Founded: 1962


PSAV Presentation Services specializes in corporate events, conventions, and trade shows. The production resource company operates offices in at least 700 hotels and more than 30 off-site warehouses and production facilities. 

Notable Products

  • Interactive event services
  • Audiovisual services
  • Event staging
  • Production design
  • Equipment rental
  • Equipment installation
  • Rigging


What to Expect

Corporate events like trade shows, conventions, or annual company gatherings are a huge segment of the live show production market in the United States. PSAV hires technicians trained in the theatrical and film industries to offer production services for corporate clients around the country. In 2010, the presentation services company employed more than 3,000 people in the areas of lighting, audio, video, rigging, and staging, among others. Positions regularly hired include lighting technicians, lighting console operators, front of house engineers, video camera operators, riggers, stage managers, and stagehands. Employment opportunities vary and can be full-time, part-time, or on-call. Additional positions in the company include business development, administration, information technology, marketing, and project management.

All show production positions (event technology specialists) are set up in a tiered structure, offering pay and benefits according to experience. An entry-level role requires less than one year of production experience and a high school diploma, though a bachelor’s degree is preferred. The average salary for a tier three position is between $10 and $12 per hour. Tier two employment requires at least one year, preferably two, of experience in the field and an advanced skill set. Salary will vary by location, but can range from $30,000 to $45,000 per year. Similarly, tier one positions call for a minimum of three years of professional experience in your area of expertise, and can provide an average annual salary of $35,000 to $47,000.

The interview process requires three steps, the first of which is a telephone interview with a member of human resources. During this conversation, the recruiter is seeking to identify whether your skills and experience meet the basic minimum requirement for the position, and to determine your availability for full-time, part-time, or on-call employment. Next, you may be invited to a screening interview with a hiring manager from the department that you are seeking to enter. You can expect to be quizzed on your specific knowledge of equipment and technique. If you have successfully passed the initial weeding-out phases, you will be asked to visit the local office for an on-site interview. There, a member of the staff with give you a tour of the facility and introduce you to some of your potential co-workers. There will also be a formal sit-down interview. This is to better understand your personality, how you carry yourself, and to determine if you would be a good fit for that group.

If hired, you can expect a very structured work environment, as the company services corporate clients and seeks to put forth a polished, professional appearance at all times. There are grooming and wardrobe standards for men and women, as well as a standard uniform for all off-site events. The basic look is a pressed pair of black slacks with a black PSAV polo shirt, but the client and type of event may determine dress. Formal gatherings may necessitate a suit.


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