Skywalker Sound

Location: Nicasio, CA

Founded: 1975


Skywalker Sound began as a three-man operation: Sprocket Systems, led by George Lucas, Gary Kurtz, and the young Ben Burtt. In 1987, the operation moved to the new Skywalker Ranch with three Academy Awards in tow. It was announced in October 2012 that Walt Disney Company would purchase Lucasfilm for $4 billion.

Notable Products

  • Music recording
  • Scoring for film, TV, and video games
  • ADR & Foley
  • Sound editing
  • Sound design


What to Expect

Employment with Skywalker Sound comes with a few very noteworthy perks—most notably, working at Skywalker Ranch. For common folk, this rural creative oasis is harder to access than Area 51. The Technical Building houses a 300-seat screening room, six feature-film dubbing stages, 10 sound design suites, and 36 digital sound editing rooms. The Akira Kurosawa and Stanley Kubrick stages house Neve DFC consoles, and fast file-sharing is possible across the entire building on the Fibre Channel infrastructure. Editing is done on any one of the 80 Pro Tools digital systems, and seamless remote connection to any mix session is possible with the in-house APT WorldNet Skylink. If the high-end technology isn’t enough to induce an über-geek freakout, Skywalker Ranch also offers an organic market where clients and employees can purchase produce, wine, and olive oil, all grown on the 4,000-acre working ranch. Amenities include a fitness center, heated pool, and tennis, basketball, and squash courts—so you can finally learn to play squash.

The sound studio is best known for its work on feature films, but credits also include video games, commercials, and theme park attractions for Walt Disney World. Skywalker completes 20 to 30 projects per year and employs between 80 and 160 people, depending on the workload and productions in the pipeline. Positions exist in business administration, mixing, design, recording, and scoring. Paid internships are available during the summer, and Skywalker recruits heavily on college campuses. 


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