Location: New York, NY

Founded: 1996


SpotCo is boutique advertising agency in Manhattan that is best-known for their work in designing visual advertising campaigns for Broadway theater (Chicago, Avenue Q, Rent) and touring live productions, but the company founded by Drew Hodges has also produced work for The Pee-Wee Herman Show, ESPN, MTV, and the Disney Channel.

Notable Products

  • Advertising campaign design
  • Radio and television advertising production
  • Group sales management
  • Marketing solutions
  • Promotions
  • Merchandising


What to Expect

As you might assume, the SpotCo offices are a hub of activity, with artists, salespeople, and account executives bustling about their Manhattan headquarters. A massive wall of framed posters greets guests, cataloging the agency’s numerous campaigns. The sales floor is a bright, sprawling area that combines individual cubicles with group workspaces. The design offices are more secluded (perhaps better suited to the creative process of the artists) and are, as expected, adorned with corkboards featuring inspirational images, design mockups, and photos. A massive magnet board resides in the center of the area and displays comps in every stage of production for the art department’s current projects.

Under the executive staff helmed by owner Drew Hodges, SpotCo operates 10 departments: account services, advertising, broadcast, business development, marketing and partnerships, copy, design, finance and administration, interactive services, and print and digital services. The company has grown from a handful of artists and savvy advertising gurus to a staff of more than 70 employees. In addition to graphic designers, art directors, and web designers, the agency also employs broadcast editors, production artists, producers, and copywriters, among others. Internships are available, and those who successfully complete the program are considered for full-time, permanent employment. In 2008, SpotCo formed a strategic partnership with London advertising agency Dewynters and is steadily expanding with increased demand for their services, constantly analyzing the market to determine new business segments in which to evolve.


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