Location: New York, NY

Founded: 1992


The cable home for all things science fiction, fantasy, and horror was conceived by Mitchell Rubenstein and Laurie Silvers in 1992 and was originally picked up by USA Networks. The channel, which underwent a rebranding from Sci Fi Channel to Syfy in 2009, has switched hands through several media sales since its inception, and in 2004 became part of NBC Universal. 

Notable Products

  • Cable TV network
  • SCI FI Magazine
  • Visions for Tomorrow


What to Expect

As a television network, Syfy is responsible for such original series as Warehouse 13, Battlestar Galactica, Eureka, and Caprica. The network is also notorious for featuring B-movie entertainment like Sharktopus, Mega Piranha, and Bloodsuckers. Beyond the airwaves, Syfy is also the producer of a companion magazine and websites dedicated to technology, entertainment news, and gaming. Visions for Tomorrow is a public-affairs initiative to create partnerships and offer educational materials that promote a “hopeful outlook on the future,” addressing areas of environmental preservation, art, politics, education, and technological innovation.

Syfy is headquartered in New York City and employs professionals in the areas of advertising, promotion, product management, creative operations, development, and finance, among others. Television shows and movies aired on Syfy are produced by outside production companies, so don’t expect to apply at Syfy for a gig as a grip on Haven. Mid-level and senior roles require experience in television and at least a bachelor’s degree in your area of expertise. There are also opportunities for writers and editorial staff with the company’s print magazine and online entities. Entry-level positions mostly lie in the realm of secretarial or assistant roles, but as part of NBC Universal, there are internships available for current college students and early career programs.

Syfy uses the slogan “Imagine Greater,” and employees are expected to embody that spirit. This is not a stuffy network populated by out-of-touch executives and business types; Syfy thrives on the imaginations of its leaders and the willingness of the entire staff to experiment, ignore outdated thinking, and embrace innovative ideas. Of course, when you’re working at a network that seems to have a standing order for movies that unnaturally combine two bloodthirsty creatures of unusual size, you must have a sense of humor.


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