Location: Santa Monica, CA

Founded: 2007


Co-founders Peter Gotcher and Shamal Ranasinghe combined their music business savvy and corporate experience to offer indie artists the tools to drive their own success.

Notable Products

  • Artist marketing
  • Online sales & distribution management tools
  • Consumer analytics
  • Social networking tools


What to Expect

You won’t find detailed job descriptions or want ads on Topspin’s website, only a diverse selection of Facebook-esque photos and short clever quips describing the eclectic staff. The company is made up of die-hard music lovers with tastes ranging  from Thin Lizzy to the Grateful Dead. Topspin employs fewer than 50 people, but as the brand grows, undoubtedly so will the crew. To date, positions exist in the areas of business administration, web design, software engineering, artist relations, and quality assurance.

Topspin’s headquarters are located in Santa Monica, just blocks from the massive spaces housing Yahoo, Universal Music, and Sony Music Entertainment—though the upstart’s accommodations are far more modest. The loft-style office has all of the typical business necessities: desks, a conference room, dual turntables, and twin drum kits. Rather than huddling in isolating cubicles, employees spread out on glass-top tables. The vibe is casual, hip, and youthful. Mimicking the independent spirit of the artists they serve, the gang at Topspin is infused with an entrepreneurial ambition to define a new model of the music business in which the artists are in control of their own destiny.

Topspin Team from Topspin on Vimeo.


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