Tree Sound Studios

Location: Atlanta, GA

Founded: 1990


Paul Diaz, the owner and president of Tree Sound Studios, founded the company with one explicit mission: “Educate the world on the importance of sustainable living and the impact of conscious consumerism through the power of music.” To that end, Diaz and his wife Sunshine have partnered to build the world’s most earth-friendly recording studio and several sister organizations.

Notable Products

  • Recording studio
  • Tree Leaf record label
  • Tree Leaf Films
  • Tree Power & Sound
  • Rock Star Farms

What to Expect

The Tree Sound recording studio’s client list includes hundreds of popular artists and indie acts, including Drake, Outkast, Sevendust, Cartel Chroma, Elton John, and Karma. Tree Leaf Music is a record label that produces albums for artists such as Nappy Roots, Groove Chambers, Laura Reed & Deep Pocket, Perpetual Groove, Snake Oil Medicine Show, and The Overtakers. By collaborating with popular artists and earth-friendly bands, the organization has helped to spread Tree Sound’s message to a wider audience. The live event services wing of the company is Tree Power & Sound, which offers performers alternative energy solutions for concerts. Available eco-friendly services include solar and wind-powered power distribution systems and biodiesel generators, as well as full audio packages and Chauvet LED lighting.

The company’s strategy for achieving its mission is twofold: Influence social change through music and set an example by operating as an environmentally sustainable business. Tree Sound Studios has implemented numerous earth-friendly solutions toward that goal of succeeding in business with minimal impact on the earth. Technology includes a 2,700-watt solar PV array on the roof of the studio and a water catchment facility that collects rainwater used for irrigation. The facility also uses solar water heating, dual-flush toilets, and operates an extensive recycling program. By purchasing renewable energy credits from Green Mountain Energy, the studio operates as carbon-neutral, offsetting 100% of consumed power. Outside the building, an organic garden grows herbs, spices, and vegetables that eventually make their way into the studio’s kitchen for snacks and client catering. For artists working at the studio, Tree Sound offers a biodiesel vehicle to provide door-to-door service, to and from the studio.

George Augsperger designed the Tree Sound’s Atlanta facility, which was built into a former printing shop. Studio A features a 64-input Solid State Logic 4064 G+, a Pro Tools HD5 system, and a Yamaha C5 Conservatory Grand Piano. Facilities include a tracking room, drum room, isolation booths, and a private producers’ lounge. The private artists’ lounge has a full kitchen, pool table, pinball games, foosball, 47” HDTV with DirecTV, private bath, showers, steam room, loading dock, storage, and atrium. Studio 11 is named for the SSL 4000 E/G console in use there, the eleventh Solid State Logic console ever made. Studio M is available for over-dubbing, mastering, pre-production, and post and has tie lines to additional rooms. This studio also features a vocal booth that is the favorite within Tree Sound. The Cave is often used as a rehearsal space, having a stage and large open floor. There is a full PA system and stage lighting package. Quite often, Tree Sound will host CD release parties and private events in this space. The room is decorated with a cave treatment, including faux furs and a rock wall for climbing. The studio can also accommodate tracking and pre-production sessions.

Mallissa “Mali” Hunter is the general manager of Tree Sound Studios and serves as the senior director of booking, marketing, and artist/producer relations. Her staff, as of early 2011, was comprised of less then 20 individuals, including eight engineers and producers. Internships occasionally become available and can lead to permanent employment in the business division or as an assistant engineer. The staff prides itself on delivering individualized service to the artists that create there, whether that means moving around some furniture, bringing in mood lighting, or accommodating a lead singer who prefers to record in the nude. The concept of creating a comfortable environment for clients based on their particular needs is of the utmost importance to Tree Sound. In seeking employment, candidates should contact the company directly via phone or e-mail and provide a cover letter, resume, and demos upon request. While talent and skill are the most important traits the studio looks for in an applicant, anyone seeking a job there should be on board with the environmental mission of the company and be willing to actively participate in continuing eco-innovation within the workplace.


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