Velvet Hammer Music and Management Group

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Founded: 1998


Velvet Hammer Music and Management Group is an artist development and management company founded by David “Beno” Benveniste more than a decade ago, following his development of System of a Down.

Notable Products

  • Record label
  • Artist management
  • Marketing
  • Music publishing

What to Expect

Located in Los Angeles, Velvet Hammer is a boutique operation with an intentionally limited roster of artists. With personal attention to each band, the company manages every aspect of a band’s career. Velvet Hammer was built on artist management, with a roster that includes System of a Down, Alice in Chains, Coheed and Cambria, Deftones, and Cypress Hill. The organization has expanded over the last decade to incorporate a record label and publishing branch, releasing albums from Taproot, OneRepublic, and Gratitude.

Velvet Hammer employs a small staff of music industry veterans with considerable experience that includes work with record labels, artist management companies, marketing agencies, and publishing houses. When hiring new members of the team, Velvet Hammer seeks creative, intelligent, and highly motivated individuals with a thorough knowledge of the music industry and the current trends in popular culture. Furthermore, as an agile company that makes great use of social media and the power of the web, any applicant hoping to land a gig must be exceptionally Internet literate. In addition to marketing artists through traditional channels like radio and television, Velvet Hammer employees maintain the web presence for each band, regularly updating websites and social networks, and pushing the word out to the vast online community of street teams.

When employment opportunities are available with Velvet Hammer, the company typically posts vacancies on popular industry job boards. Preference is given to candidates with strong computer skills, proficiency with Mac and PC desktops, as well as basic knowledge of HTML and Photoshop. Be prepared; personality matters. Candidates should understand expectations are high; juggling hefty workloads under strict deadlines is the norm. The key is to keep your cool, be respectful, and take direction well.


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