• A&R Scout

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    A&R Scout

    An A&R scout works for the record label and is responsible for finding new musical talent and developing that talent. A&R scouts are the first point of contact between artists...
  • Record Producer

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    Record Producer

    Within the realm of pop music, record producers have become just as illustrious as the musicians they work with. Producing a hit record can not only launch an artist from obscurity to...
  • Recording Assistant

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    Recording Assistant

    Recording assistants can work as freelancers or full-time at a studio. The recording assistant’s specific job can vary by studio and is based on the needs of the recording engineer...
  • Mastering Engineer

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    Mastering Engineer

    Producing an album is essentially a four-step process: recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. Mastering refers to the process of refining and transferring the final mix of audio...


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