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Justin Strout's criticism and essays have appeared in numerous publications including Village Voice, SPIN and URB magazine, and in alternative papers around the country. Strout is a two-time Association of Alternative Newsweeklies award winner, and prior to his writing career, he worked as a script reader in Los Angeles.

Articles by Justin Strout

  • Shifting from a career as one of hundreds on a team creating entertainment for the masses to a niche business that counts exactly one employee has its ups and downs.
  • Up-and-coming recording technology allows concertgoers to revisit favorite shows in a flash.
  • Justin Marks_thumbnail
    Screenwriter Justin Marks spills all on his triumphs, his disappointments, and the Street Fighter “train wreck.” Did three years spent inhabiting the minds of our favorite comic-book characters mess with his head?
  • Jonathan Gitlin_thumbnail
    With box office dough on the line, a movie’s trailer must be meticulously crafted, from the sound design to the big title reveal. It’s Jonathan Gitlin’s job to make you remember the name.   
  • Dave Stewart thumbnail
    Entrepreneur and music biz legend Dave Stewart (aka the other half of the Eurythmics) believes the key to success lies with your inner child. With The Business Playground: Where Creativity and Commerce Collide, he provides an activity book...
  • film composer Brian Tyler
    The Expendables composer was a self-described ‘complete outsider’ with an expired Hollywood lineage and no music degree when he moved to L.A. and started knocking on doors. Eventually those doors blew wide open.
  • The veteran TV writer explains the unwritten rules of the business, what it’s like to work on beloved shows, and how television credits are like ‘rings inside a tree trunk.’
  • Kenny Segal
    Kenny Segal was a successful, respected indie hip-hop producer in L.A. until he met an ad man with an eye for talent. Now he writes tunes for Hyundai, Nike, and Nationwide Insurance. How does he sleep at night? Not on a couch, at ...