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Maxine Nunes writes for various publications, including the Los Angeles Times, covering subjects from film and TV production to healthcare and travel. She worked as a cameraperson for rock concerts in San Francisco and produced special programming for Game Show Network. Her mystery novel, Dazzled, will be published in October 2013.

Articles by Maxine Nunes

  • Heath Hollingshead TH
    Ever since Walt Disney first brought Mickey Mouse to life, the magical dream world of animated film has been one of childhood’s most vivid joys. For Heath Hollingshead, animation is still as exciting as when he was a kid—though now it’s...
  • Laura Richarz
    What kind of dining set defines a 2,000-year-old vampire as a person? Laura Richarz, set decorator on television series such as True Blood and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, is the woman charged with answering such existential questions...
  • Jamie Fristrom TH
    Jamie Fristrom, founder of Happion Laboratories, is one of the developers responsible for the innovations that made Spider-Man 2 an award-winning game. He also passed on a chance to become a founding partner at Treyarch. 
  • Javier von der Pahlen
    Javier von der Pahlen may be the first to take us where no one has gone before—beyond the “uncanny valley.” Many have entered the valley, but no one has ever made it to the other side, the place where photorealistic facial animation stops...
  • Bonnie Blake TH
    After more than 30 years in film and television, camera operator Bonnie Blake shares her story of breaking into Hollywood and building the relationships that have shapped her career. 
  • Chuck Sheetz TH
    Chuck Sheetz is an Emmy Award–winning director on The Simpsons, a show that has been an iconic part of our culture for almost a quarter-century.   
  • Naomi Shohan TH
    American Beauty is ravashing in red, but it’s the blues that make it pop. Production designer Naomi Shohan discusses her work on iconic films. 
  • Mark Hensley Re-recording Mixer
    Great dialogue starts with the script, but re-recording mixer Mark Hensley is the man who perfects every line. He discusses his post-production work on Sons of Anarchy and Fox’s Cosmos.